Our Products

We currently have individual refill stations and Boîte à Savon machines under the ECOBORNE brand.

Boîte à Savon is a four-product refill station with an easy-to-use touchscreen. Unlike the Boîte à Savon machines, our individual refill stations hold one product per station and work with a simple push of a button. Our individual refill stations are available in pharmacies, grocery stores and independent stores and the Boîte à Savon machines in grocery stores across Quebec.

We currently offer the four main Bionature household products in our ECOSTATION machines: laundry detergent, all-purpose degreasing cleaner, 3-in-1 soothing body soap and dishwashing liquid, and two Biovert household products: laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid. All household products are made with natural, plant-based ingredients.

Bionature products are hypoallergenic, biodegradable within 28 days, made in Canada, safe for septic tanks, not tested on animals, scented with essential oils, and gluten-free with no artificial colours, phosphates, sulphates or NTA.

With ECOBORNE, the possibilities are endless! Which products would you like to see in them?